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Is Your Site Shipwrecked?

Let's get her sailing again!

We've all heard stories like this. You made an initial investment in your Web site several years ago. You paid someone (cousin, boyfriend's sister, friendly college student, creepy Craigslister) to throw something together for you, just to have a site. But, at the time, you weren't really sure what you needed, and your business was just dipping its toes in the waters of the Web.

Portland, Maine: My New Hometown

Portland, ME

After living in the Washington, DC area for nearly ten years, our family decided to shake things up and make a big move to a new city in a new state. A place where we could settle in and raise the kids, knowing there wouldn't be another big move in the future. After much deliberation, we decided we would call Portland, ME our new home.

Whenever we tell people about our move, they inevitably ask us: why Maine? Why Portland?

Web Design: Blue Planet DC

Blue Planet DC Web design concept

I’ve just started working on another great pro bono project. This time, I’m redesigning the Web site of Blue Planet DC, a local dive shop with a focus on conservation and helping individuals connect with life in the ocean.

I’ve recently begun working on the home page. My first comp is to the right here.

The goals of the site redesign are:

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