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Foodies Need Mobile-Friendly!

Are you giving it to them?

These days, more and more people are using their phones for everyday tasks. Sure, they're posting to Facebook, following on Twitter, and slingshotting unhappy birds at little green pigs. But, they're also looking up information. Constantly.

As smart phone adoption rises, the desktop computer will continue to be replaced for basic tasks, like getting directions, finding local businesses, and deciding where to eat for lunch and dinner.

Portland, Maine: My New Hometown

Portland, ME

After living in the Washington, DC area for nearly ten years, our family decided to shake things up and make a big move to a new city in a new state. A place where we could settle in and raise the kids, knowing there wouldn't be another big move in the future. After much deliberation, we decided we would call Portland, ME our new home.

Whenever we tell people about our move, they inevitably ask us: why Maine? Why Portland?

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