Some Useful Responsive Email Development Links


Today I was asked what I knew about "responsive email". After my initial reaction of "ugh", I set about to educate myself quickly. I know the concept in principal, and with the rise of responsive Website design and more people using their phones to check email, we've been kicking the idea around of trying something like this for awhile. So, here are a few hopefully helpful articles I found out in the wild web.

These first two really just address the "what is responsive email" question:

  1. Leverage Responsive Email Design to Boost Mobile Readership (Starmark)
  2. What is Responsive Email Design? And Why You Should Consider Using It (e-Dialog)

These next two got more in depth, and provide some more, helpful technical information on actually coding a responsive design, as well as some of the theory behind it:

  1. Applying Fluid Layouts to HTML Email Design (Campaign Monitor -- this one looks like a really good read!!)
  2. Responsive Email Design (Mass Transmit)

And finally, something I've really been meaning to play with for sometime,

  • The HTML Email Boilerplate (Just what it sounds like  -- a boiler plate to start your email development from, similar to the HTML5  boilerplate or the 960Grid system. Nice!)


Nice roundup! Bookmarking this for the next enewsletter project. :)

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