Fixing Error #3214 for Scout SCSS Compiler

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After installing Scout / ScoutApp, OR updating your version of JAVA, you may encounter an error when trying to run a newly created project. This error — called Error #3214, is easily fixed and means either 1 of 2 things:

  1. You don’t have Java installed
  2. You have Java installed, but not in a normal location.

In the case of #1, you simply have to go download Java.

In the case of #2, however, you may need to modify a file.

  1. Go to SCOUT-INSTALL-FOLDER\Scout\javascripts\app
  2. Open process_interaction.js with your text editor of choice and locate the function javaDir()

Here, you can see that (as of right now) there are 3 different paths for Java that Scout looks for:
C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre7\\bin\\java.exe
C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Java\\jre7\\bin\\java.exe
C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre6\\bin\\java.exe

If you don’t have Java in one of these paths, then you’ll need to locate your Java exe and supply the path by either adding an additional IF statement or replacing one of the existing paths (easier). Make sure to use double slashes.



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