Rabbit Children CD design by Brian Danaher

Rabbit Children CD design by Brian Danaher

How Magazine recently put out it’s Self-Promotion Design Annual and, as always, it was chock-full of brilliant work. One of the recognized works that really leapt out at me was the CD design for the band Rabbit Children, created by Brian Danaher. The large record labels seem to have lost the knack (or the courage) for truly interesting album art, but there is no shortage of notable exceptions in the indie music world, and this particular example more than proves that point. Some albums stop short at a compelling design for the cover, or for the CD, but Danaher executed an interesting, compelling design across the entire package: cover, disc, liner notes, the works. So compelling, in fact, that it made me want to find out more about this Chicago indie band.

This is one of those pieces that crosses over from basic commercial design into fine art territory.

Awesome work Brian. Thanks for the inspiration. I look forward to seeing your future projects.


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