Brand Analysis: Royal Cup Coffee

Royal Cup Coffee logo on truck

Every once in awhile I see a Royal Cup Coffee delivery truck rolling down the highway in the DC metro area. And every time I do, I think two things:

  1. Man I love that logo; I wish I designed it!
  2. I wonder what the coffee’s like?

Which, to me, says the branding/logo work was very successful. With huge brands like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Maxwell House, etc.. dominating the coffee market, its got to be difficult to pique people’s interest. And yet, this brand does just that. The rich, brown delivery trucks connote fresh brewed coffee, and the mark, with its stylistically illustrated coffee-drinking lion suggests just the right blend of playfulness and sophistication.

I wish I knew who developed the mark, as I’d sure love to see more of their work.


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