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Outlook 2016: Left Aligned Table Clipping Wrapping Text

I ran into (yet another) annoying Outlook 2016/2013 bug today. I had an image inside a table. I had the table aligned left. When reviewing in Outlook 2016/2013, the table containing the image was clipping over the text that was wrapping around it. Essentially, it was coving up the first letter of each word that was immediately to the left of the table. Luckily, I was able to find the fix on Campaign Monitor's blog.

Fun with Outlook 2016

Alas and alack, MS Outlook 2016 continues the trend of of being awful at rendering CSS and HTML for emails. Here are some great tips for coding to (or around) 2016's particular set of rendering bugs

Fun with Microsoft Outlook HTML Email

Anyone who has had the "pleasure" of designing email has probably come to one very poignant conclusion: MS Outlook is terrible at rendering CSS and HTML for emails. The reason for this is that, starting with Outlook 2007, Microsoft thought it would be a reall great idea to stop rendering HTML email with the Internet Explorer engine, and instead render it with the MS Word rendering engine. Yes, you read that correctly: Word handles HTML and CSS for any emails in Outlook.

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