CSS: Background Images for Hi-Resolution Displays (like Apple's Retina)

I ran into a task today that led me to wonder about the best approach to create and implement CSS background images for hi-resolution displays like those found on more and more mobile phones and tablets. Hi-res displays, like those phone on the iPhone, iPad, Kindle HD, and the latest Motorola Droid and Samsung Galaxy phones, are capable of rendering stunning, sharp images—but only if you supply them through your Website or app.

Prevent Long URL's From Breaking Your Layout

It has become increasingly important to make sure your layout doesn't break when viewing your Website on a phone. So what do you do when, in Android or Google Chrome, you notice that your layout is blowing out because of an especially long word (or line of unbroken text, like a URL)?

Print CSS: page-break-inside

Have you ever tried to print a web page from your browser and found some crucial piece of content is being cut in half at the page break? There's a very easy way to fix this using CSS for print.


Useful Source Code Editors

Gotta love those folks over at Smashing Magazine. I've been pretty happy with and loyal to Dreamweaver throughout my career. Lately, though, I've been doing more telecommuting, and Dreamweaver CS5.5 seems to have real problems with managing sites over a laggy network. Every time I'd try and make a change to the code or save a file, and application would come to a screeching hault for anywhere from 5 seconds to a full minute. Absolute death to productivity and morale.


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