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Disable Backspace Key as ‘Back Button’ shortcut in Firefox

Firefox logo

For any of you using a Windows laptop, you've probably experienced the heartburn of filling out a complex web form, only to hit the backspace key expecting to delete a charcer—but instead! BAM! Your browser acts as if you've hit the back button, going back to the previous web page in your histroy... and losing ALL of your web form content in the process.

Some Useful Responsive Email Development Links


Today I was asked what I knew about "responsive email". After my initial reaction of "ugh", I set about to educate myself quickly. I know the concept in principal, and with the rise of responsive Website design and more people using their phones to check email, we've been kicking the idea around of trying something like this for awhile. So, here are a few hopefully helpful articles I found out in the wild web.

New Site

Drupal logo

Welcome to my new site! Eventually I'll get this beast off the ground. My aim is to replace my old site, over at www.nkraft.net, with this new site, built on a Drupal 7 installation.


Web Design: Blue Planet DC

Blue Planet DC Web design concept

I’ve just started working on another great pro bono project. This time, I’m redesigning the Web site of Blue Planet DC, a local dive shop with a focus on conservation and helping individuals connect with life in the ocean.

I’ve recently begun working on the home page. My first comp is to the right here.

The goals of the site redesign are:

Twitter Over-Capacity

Twitter logo

Apparently, Twitter is literally getting too big for its britches. Users have been recently confronted with either a “twitter is over capacity, please check back later” splash page featuring some birds attempting to carry a whale (at least they have a sense of humor about it), or, when they try to tweet, a message saying “something is technically wrong” (actually, something is literally wrong *LMAO*). I think the best thing about this whole debacle is that just being overcapacity is causing all these mindless tweeters to issue MORE tweets about the service being overcapacity.

Brand Analysis: How Magazine

How Magazine logo

Let me begin with this caveat: I generally enjoy and appreciate How Magazine for what it is: a bi-monthly look at the creative industry and graphic design. However, given that they are a periodical focused on good design and marketing, I take issue with a few of their magazine-related practices:


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