About Our Team

Nathaniel Kraft  //  Web Developer & Creative Director

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I have ten years of experience in web design and development, including performing the roles of designer, web master, content manager, technical analyst and instructor. During the past two years with my current employer, IQ Solutions, I have been the primary developer in the launch of four Section 508 compliant Web sites aimed at improving health care. In addition, I was the lead front-end developer in launching the company’s first Drupal CMS-based Web site, and have been integrally involved in the development of additional Drupal-based sites.

During the tenure of my position with my previous employer, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), I was the sole designer and lead developer for multiple organization web sites, email communications, and web-based marketing efforts. Beyond this, I was responsible for the improvement, extension and management of the organization’s new brand, and had a key role in developing print and digital assets for use in a successful political campaign in the state of California.

On a personal note, my long time interest in web design started in the mid-90s, when I realized that I could combine my love for the creativity of visual design with my natural inclination toward the logical and analytical nature of coding. Since that time, I have continued to learn and build experience, working to constantly feed my passion for design and development.

Melissa Kraft  //  Marketing & Project Manager, Content Management Specialist

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I have been working in marketing, public relations, and client relations for 15 years, with experience in both the non-profit and for-profit worlds. I have learned many rewarding lessons during my career and have had the opportunity to work with some brilliant people. I feel so fortunate to be able to live and contribute to such an amazing, thriving community like the one we’ve found in Portland, Maine. Marketing is all about giving your audience an experience they couldn’t get anywhere else. It is not about selling a thing or service, but rather about how that thing or service shapes the people in the community and moves them to do something.

My specific role in our company:

  • Front-end development of Drupal projects
  • Managing the project workflow from conception to completion
  • Creating and distributing client surveys
  • Facilitating the SWOT process
  • Creating detailed promotional plans